Discovered Torso Linked to Homicide Victim

Another clue in a case of discovered body parts has been linked to homicide victim Ray Roberson, a homeless New Haven resident.

A human torso that was found in the abandoned 271 Crown Street property several weeks ago has been determined to be “most likely that” of Roberson. The New Haven Police Department got the word from the Scientific Services Division of theĀ State of Connecticut Department of Emergency Services & Public Protection, and announced the update in a press release that was put out Monday by Public Information Officer David Hartman.

The case began when a city resident alerted a New Haven police officer to the presence of a pair of legs inside some thick brush just outside the State Street Rail Station at Court Street on the morning of July 15.

Then, police found a pair of arms-in a plastic bag under the Chapel Street Bridge near Union Avenue-in a followup search of the area. The arms were discovered missing hands.

State forensic tests linked the severed limbs to Roberson, who was reportedly last seen on May 20 of this year.

Authorities found the torso while searching the 271 Crown Street property, which shares a parking lot with 301 George Street-the former Salvation Army building that Roberson has been said to have spent time at.

Searches for additional clues throughout the case have involved personnel from The New Haven Police Department, the Metropolitan Authority, Amtrak, and the State Police, as well as cadaver-sniffing canines. So far, no suspect in the killing of Roberson has been named.


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