Human Torso Found at Crown Street Address

First a pair of legs, then arms, and now, a torso-that’s the latest clue authorities uncovered in an ongoing search for answers in the homicide death of a local homeless man.

Earlier this week, the New Haven Police Department got word from the Scientific Services Division of the State of Connecticut Department of Emergency Services identifying homeless man Ray Roberson as the owner of two legs that were found in some thick brush outside the State Street railroad station two weeks ago.

Since the identification, authorities have resumed a search for clues that has involved cadaver-sniffing canines. Conversations with other homeless individuals led police to the former Salvation Army building-an abandoned site at 301 George Street-where Roberson was known to have spent time, according to a press release the New Haven Police Department put out today.

The torso was discovered at 271 Crown Street-a building within the same lot as the George Street property-at around 12 p.m. Thursday. The search-conducted by both local and state police-began around midnight on Thursday.

“The remains have not been identified,” New Haven Police Department Public Information Officer David Hartman wrote in the press release. “As was the case with the previously-found remains, an investigation by the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner’s Office and the State Forensic Laboratory must be completed for us to connect this case to the Roberson case. This will take some time. We will not speculate on the outcome.”

So far, each of the clues that have turned up in the case have been-to some extent-linked to Roberson. While state investigators determined earlier this week that the legs belonged to him, yesterday’s press release said that-according to the Division of Scientific Services-the arms “are most likely those of Roberson”.

A homeless city resident alerted police to the presence of the legs on the morning of July 15. A subsequent search led authorities to the arms-discovered with the hands missing-which were found underneath the Chapel Street bridge.

During the search of the property, police arrested David Andaz, 47, for third degree burglary and theft of utility services. He has not in any way been tied to the Roberson case, and is being held on $5,000 bond.


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