Police Identify Homicide Victim in Case of Severed Limbs

Authorities have identified the person whose legs were found in some thick brush outside the State Street Railroad Station at Court Street.

The New Haven Police Department got word that the pair of legs-discovered two weeks ago by a city resident before a subsequent search uncovered two arms-belong to Ray Roberson, age 65, a homeless man who authorities say has not been seen alive since May 20 of this year.

Roberson missed a New Haven court date on June 17, 2015.

New Haven police got the word from the Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection’s Division of Scientific Services-which has been running DNA tests on both sets of limbs-and put out the information in a press release this morning.

The arms-discovered missing their hands-were not found to have belonged to Roberson. A cadaver canine-assisted search that was halted a little less than two weeks ago is resuming with this discover, according to the Police Department statement.

Local authorities will again have the aid of State Police in the search for additional clues.

As of now, the case is being investigated as a homicide, said New Haven Police Department Public Information Officer David Hartman in the press release.

A city resident found the legs on the morning of July 15 and alerted police. How long they had been in the brush is unknown. Then, police found the arms-in a plastic bag under the Chapel Street Bridge near Union Avenue.

A search involving New Haven, Metropolitan Authority, Amtrak, and State police-along with the 5 canines-did not yield any new discoveries when it was deployed that Thursday and was subsequently halted. Although authorities are out looking again, Hartman said that the case may not remain local.

Police do not yet have any indication as to where the homicide or removal of the victim’s limbs occurred, Hartman said.


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