New Haven Police: Search for Body Parts Over for Now

A search party of New Haven, Metropolitan Authority, Amtrak, and State police-along with 5 canines-went by uneventfully yesterday, but authorities are still trying to put together the pieces of a mystery surrounding a pair of human legs that were found deep in the bushes outside the State Street Railroad Station at Court Street.

For now, the pieces they do have-the legs and a pair of arms that were later discovered with the hands missing-are with the State Forensics Lab.

“The search has been terminated for now until we can find a reason to keep looking,” said David Hartman, the Public Information Officer for the New Haven Police Department.

Hartman provided residents and members of the press with a 3 p.m. update from a corner on State Street-right across from the railroad station where the legs were found-yesterday. The search for answers will continue in the forensics lab. In addition to checking the limbs for signs of stab or bullet wounds, examiners will be looking to identify the victim-or victims-according to Hartman.

“We’re going to have to wait for the forensic examination to determine whether they’re [the legs and arms] are from the same body,” he said. “I’d think that would be very easy to do with DNA.”

A city resident found the legs late Wednesday morning and alerted police, according to a Department press release. How long they had been there is unknown at this time, the release said.

“They were very hidden behind that treeline,” Hartman said, pointing at the foliage around the rail station across the street. “They weren’t visible from any public access area.”

Then, police found the arms-in a plastic bag under the Chapel Street Bridge near Union Avenue-according to the press release.

“We were very lucky to have the public’s assistance on this,” Hartman said. “If anybody knows anything, sees anything, or remembers anything, we’d encourage them to let us know.”


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